Omakase 2016 Top 10: Aaryn Does Kpop

My view of Kpop hasn’t really shifted from 2015, the year I made contact, when everything was shiny and new and more than a little morbid. I stick with it because it’s like nothing else on earth, and because it continues to surprise. Anything where people like Dahyun and Yerin can be a star is something worth keeping tabs on.

Fight the future

"I had my father’s witches seal my heart long ago. They wrapped it in stone, sealed it in amber, and gave it to back to me in an urn of black stone. One of them had put a ‘Break in Case of Emergency’ sticker on the back, which I thought was a nice touch. I remember how light the urn felt, and the cold aura that radiated from it. I remember placing it on my mother’s shelf in the vault, fully intending to never retrieve it, and walking out into the sunlight. I remember how cool the sun felt against my skin."

The Solution

"At first, we searched for, and found, exemplary human beings. We held them up for all to see. They were intelligent, hard working, beautiful, and kind. They did not question our project and, for a time, we were united in our goal of saving lives."


The problem with having heroes who are too human is that you inevitably realize that you will also never escape your humanity. But I think there’s part of me that loves my dad more for knowing about the battles he’s fought and probably still fights.