Milk Chocolate Clarity

Milk Chocolate Clarity

Photo courtesy of  Sean Brown

Photo courtesy of Sean Brown

This poem is a portion of the third entry into Issue 1 of Omakase Magazine: “Idols,” which will be running during September and October. To learn more about this issue, check out our Letter from the Editor.

We are running three poems from our staff writer Ryan Burton to start the week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Your eyes look like the flat side of a Hershey’s Kiss
Two petite pigments of creamy chocolate that follow your brain’s orders like soldiers of sight

During your life you will meet enchanting emerald eyes that are as green as the forest
You will stumble upon amber eyes that glitter like copper coins through deep and gloomy mines

Azure eyes look like the sky on a sunshiny day
Gray eyes look like the clouds as they puff up with rain

Your eyes may not sparkle but you don’t need sparks to shine
All you need is the clarity in your milk chocolate eyes

Every time you want to play hide and seek with the moonlight
Or take shelter in the shadows
See the hope that the sun sees every time she wakes up in the morning

When your daydreams diminish
And your pipe dreams get popped
Direct your dreams with the arrow of a compass that will help you navigate a pathway

When you                   and out of love                  and out of love
                 fall in love                           and in love                         and swear off love
And your heart                          totter that you are tired of riding
                        feels like a teeter-

Remember that the person that sees you for all of you is the best person to love
Remember to see you for all of you for you because you are the first and best person to love

They say that hindsight is 20/20
And foresight is a virtue
The best insight you will gain will come from seeing the world from new sights

Your eyes may not sparkle but you don’t need sparks to shine
Color the world with your milk chocolate eyes

The Battle of the Sea

The Battle of the Sea