About us

Omakase is an online magazine, giving dynamic writers a rotating topic every two months. Essays, short stories, poetryanything goes when the chef chooses.


Our editorial staff

Aaryn Coker | Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Ryan J Gimarc | Co-Founder, Managing Editor


Our wonderful writers

Ryan BurtonStaff Writer
Jordon KeithStaff Writer
Courtney KnostmanStaff Writer
KJ HadjisStaff Writer
Margaret HortonStaff Writer
Felice LavergneStaff Writer
Rob Ryan, Staff Writer
Sam StebbinsStaff Writer
Mollie WartelleStaff Writer
Chelsea Ulrich ZepfStaff Writer


Our contributors

Ethan Berg
Trevor Brandt
Ian Coker
Jason Goins
Jacob Ripp
Allen Kenneth Schaidle
Tauren Nyland (contributing illustrator)

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