Prompt 3
"Tell Me A Story."

I think I am obsessed with narratives. I am obsessed with what narratives say about their creators, about what the gaps reveal. Structure matters. Delivery matters. Aesthetics matter. I would be more than happy for everyone to use this prompt as a technical exercise: tell me a story, whatever that means, and then hack it to pieces, marvel at it, then stitch it back together. Narratives can be Jenga-towers, before the fall: pieces pulled out, slowly and surely, until you’ve figured out exactly what stands on its own. Narratives can be the ruins of a Jenga-tower on the ground: something happened here, and I must figure out what. 


If you're looking for inspiration, here's a link to a page with a link on it. The link will take you somewhere. All somewheres are SFW, except for the Bernie Mac one. He curses.